This Telly-Award winning documentary series connects teachers, parents and students to resources that bring technology, career awareness, and practical, hands-on activities to K-12 academic classrooms.

Episode 5: Helping & Healing

Helping & Healing

Choosing Careers

What we do for a living matters when we measure the overall quality of our lives.

Success – in earning a living and finding satisfaction in life – begins with preparation.

Research the wide variety of career options available in the 21st century.

Take time to consider career fields that appeal to you.

Find out what preparation, education, and/or training is required to enter and advance in those fields.

Online Resources

Occupation outlook handbook

Department of Labor career information includes fastest growing and highest paying jobs in U.S.

Customized career preparation for students, sponsored by state Department of Education

Toolkit for K-12 education includes career curriculum and counseling information

Counseling resources include K-12 grade-level timeline plus PA SOAR and CTE college credit information

Interactive resource for transfer, articulation and dual enrollment credit

K-12 Department of Labor

Student and teacher resources include games and quizzes and career videos

A safe place to learn and play

Projected Pennsylvania job market

More than one-third (39%) of Pennsylvania’s 5.8 million jobs now require a college degree or some postsecondary education/experience.

Employment Growth by Educational Level

Closing a Skills Gap

Business and industry leaders point to a “skills gap” that hinders success in the workplace. Lack of specialized skills is only part of the problem. Employers say lack of commitment, unreliability, and inability to follow instructions and complete tasks are barriers to success. Proper career preparation includes attention to establishing a solid, general work ethic.

Do you have the type of skills that are needed in the workforce?

Many employers say there is a skills gap – a difference between the skills and traits people bring into the workforce and the level of skill and accountability that is needed to do the jobs that are available in business and industry today.

It is not only specialized skills that are lacking, employers say. They also say they have difficulty finding people who are reliable, committed to their work, and able to follow instructions and complete tasks that are required.

In addition to education and training, proper career preparation includes attention to establishing a solid, general work ethic.

Will your career preparation plan fill the gap?

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Students and faculty find passion and purpose where real lives intersect in a real Working Class.

Classrooms that connect learning with real work experiences give students the opportunity to explore vibrant career fields and to find areas of interest in which they can make an impact in the real world.

In a Working Class, history provides clues for solving present-day challenges, math explains the mystery behind technology, and communication help us work together to build rich and rewarding lives.

The Working Class documentary series, connects teachers, parents and students to resources that relate technology, career awareness, and practical, hands-on activities to math, science, reading, and writing education.

Produced by Pennsylvania College of Technology and WVIA Public Media, the series presents 60-minute films, as well as online video, activities, and resources that relate to:

The series was inspired by audience response to the Telly-Award winning documentary Working Class: 100 Years of Hands-on Education produced in conjunction with Penn College’s centennial anniversary.

Penn College’s 100-year history of connecting comprehensive education with real workforce needs also is chronicled in a series of publications.

Working Class: 100 Years of Hands-On Education (2014)

This book captures stories that embrace the dignity of a "working class" defined not only as a group of individuals contributing to the workforce, but also as a teaching and learning experience that puts general education into practice through relevant, hands-on activities in classrooms, shops, and laboratories.

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